Safe for People, Pets and the Environment
Safe Lawns is making organic lawn care available to the central Ohio area. Residential and commercial properties can now have a safe lawn for people and their pets. The service is complete and customized for your lawn, and the results are green healthy lawns with the use of less water. You can make a difference by going organic with your lawn care. Be the first in your neighborhood to have a sign that says "it is safe to step on the lawn" after a treatment. Together we can lessen the synthetic and chemical runoff that pollutes the creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes.

A Free Soil Test and Lawn Evaluation for all new Safe Lawns Customers
Some Restrictions Apply*

First, a soil test is taken.

First a soil test is taken to assess the availability, not the quantity of the nutrients in the soil. This specific testing is the basis on which the customized program is developed for your lawn. A spring application of corn gluten boosts the organic nitrogen levels and helps to suppress crab grass.