Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Organic better for my lawn?
There are multiple reasons why organic products are the best choice in lawn care. They are safer for humans, pets and the environment than synthetic fertilizers and pesticides; They improve the quality of the soil, which will have an increased ability to retain water and nutrients; You will enjoy significant financial savings by transitioning from synthetic to organic lawn care, especially after the first year of use; Organic products will significantly reduce pests by restoring balance to your lawn's ecosystem; You will benefit from reduced maintenance in mowing, watering and fertlllzlng because you will have a naturally stronger and healthier lawn.
What are the main differences between synthetic and organic lawn care?
Synthetic pesticides and fertilizers destroy the naturally present beneficial organisms in a healthly lawn's ecosystem. This destruction then transforms your lawn into an increasingly needy "junkie," requiring more and more chemicals to sustain it. Organic lawn care focuses instead on soil management techniques and long term results, building up the nutrients and organisms in the soil in order to make your lawn better able to withstand drought, pests, and other common problems. Organic lawn care also eliminates damage to the environment and to human and animal health caused by synthetic lawn care products.
Aren't organic products more expensive and less effective?
It's a comparison of apples and oranges. Since organic products function by building up "life in the soil," or soil biology, their payoff is more long-term and lasting. Synthetic products by their nature, are instantaneous and must be frequently reapplied in greater amounts to maintain the appearance of the grass. Due to the need for frequent reapplications and the reduced effectiveness of synthetic chemicals, the user of organic products will spend considerably less money on lawn care over a several year period than the user of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.