How it Works

First a soil test is taken to assess the availability, not the quantity of the nutrients in the
soil. This specific testing is the basis on which the customized program is developed
for your lawn. A spring application of corn gluten boosts the organic nitrogen levels
and helps to suppress crab grass and other weeds.

Liquid organic sprays are applied 3 times throughout the growing season. Each
application is designed to specifically benefit the lawn at the appropriate time and
allows the lawn to create its own nitrogen.

In late summer or early fall the lawn is aerated and a compost blanket is applied. To help de-compact the soil, bring beneficial organisms and aid deeper root development.

In the fall an organic granular fertilizer is applied to provide nutrients for the lawn up to winter and into spring.

Making the Change from a Conventional Lawn to a Natural Organic Lawn

Anytime is the right time to have a safe lawn for you and your family and pets. You
may not notice any difference when you change to a natural organic lawn because the
changes are in the soil and your lawn is green and healthy, developing a stronger
root system. The difference you will experience is safety for all people and pets on
the lawn and that means peace of mind.

Call today for a soil test and receive a lawn analysis and you
personalized lawn program.