Lawn Services

Our Soil Health Care Program renews, revitalizes, corrects and conditions your soil to create a healthy, thriving lawn. Our 100% organic fertility program provides your lawn with the essential nutrients and minerals it requires to be healthy and strong throughout the growing season.
Soil Test
This soil test assesses the availability of the nutrients in the soil instead of the amount
of nutrients in the soil. From the analysis individual nutrients can then be added.
Liquid Organic Products
The liquid organic products are applied three times throughout the growing season. Each application is specifically designed to benefit the lawn at that time.
Corn Gluten
The corn gluten is applied in the spring and provides an organic source of nitrogen as well as suppresses the development of crab grass and other weeds.
Fall Granular Fertilization:
This fall application provides nutrients for the winter and helps the grass cope with the stresses of winter weather.
Lawn Renovation
Dead Grass is removed from any bare areas of the lawn and a compost blanket with the correct grass seed is sprayed onto the areas with the hydro-seeder.
Dethatching removes dead grass allowing room for the new grass plants. This is important to the health and vitality of all your grass plants.
Aeration and a compost blanket
The purpose of aeration is to add oxygen to the soil which in turn helps to decompact the soil to allow for better rootdevelopment and thus healthier grass.
Seed, compost and hydro-mulch are sprayed to develop new organic lawns. This will help bring back the luster and color of your lawn helping it stay organically friendly.